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One of the leading companies of the Turkish cable industry is Emek Kablo which has been founded in Kucukkoy/Istanbul in 1984.  Our company, which has been producing audio recording cables, has expanded its product list and has production line in five different categories. 

    • Power and Control Cables
    • Audio Cables
    • Data Transmission Cables
    • Telephone Cables
    • Coaxial Cables

Our company has kept its passion for research since its foundation and has become a full company in 1993.  Our company has also proven the quality of its products and services by receiving the ISO 9002 quality document in 1997 and TSEK document in 2001.  Our company which believes in unconditional customer satisfaction; has adopted the principle of giving the right quality, at a right price, at the right time. 

Working in a 2500 m²  of closed area with its 50 dynamic employees; our company processes 850 ton/years of plastic raw materials and 720 ton/years of copper wiring, with a total of 1570 tons of cable produced every year.  Total of  %60 of our production is supplied  to the domestic market, while %40 is exported to international markets.

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